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Welcome to Gritty Realism!

A campaign using 5th Edition D&D Gritty Realism rules. A large group of eight friends and occasional guest appearances is a big task for any single GM and multiple sessions just wasn’t what we wanted, we settled on an episodic multi GM style of campaign, narratives and plot managed both separately and collaboratively but all set in the same world and roughly following on from each other. It’s proven interesting and at times challenging but has created some excellent gaming experiences already and will only grow as we work together to create a rich and evolving campaign world. Explore the wiki, read up on the places and characters and immerse yourself in the world of Gritty Realism…

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The world has many places, factions and items of renown, check the pages for a breakdown of things to find, people to befriend or avoid and the regions of the world to be discovered.

Main Page

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