Darkle Fas

Darkle Fas (“volume of raw truth” in the old one’s tongue) is a large tome, and five inches thick. It’s pages are an inky, oily-feeling black parchment of some king, it’s cover a bone-white slap of rough white leather with iron clasps and edging. It is, wholly, unreadable—unless attuned.


Attunement requires tasting the madness that took the bard that wrote it—opening one’s mind to the wide universe of knowledge and attempting to read the book for a number of days equal to ones proficiency modifier.

Once attuned, however, the book provides advantage on any skill check after 1d4 rounds of consulting it which lasts for 1 minute. Any check involving a skill that can be referenced. The book reads the stars for the answers.

It only asks for the open mind to use it, and an open mind is prone to madness.

Felix attuned to the Darkle Fas and found himself suddenly enlightened to the presence of his enemies and they were many. This paranoia has led him to believe that a Nemesis operates in the shadows, tracking his every action with a goal to kill him or reveal his fraudulent nature to the world. He is unsure whether this is related to Ozymandias or the Summer Knight as it may be a hitherto unknown enemy. He is at least confident that his fellow Queensmen are beyond reproach.

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Darkle Fas

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