Gritty Realism

Session 59

Multiple Personality Disorder

From the perspective of Darrick:
I can’t believe the Heroes of Frampt are letting me join them. I’ll make ‘Granddad’ Wilf so proud. They are a strange bunch, I can never tell if their joking or not and for some reason most of them want to sit in the cart rather than their own horse.
We’ve been on the road three days, with nothing bothering us, when suddenly Francis spotted a set of Gallows 100 metres of the road. Two poor souls strung up, probably for their crimes against the Lord of Reinmann. Wait… They’re not going to investigate it, really? Surely that’s dangerous. Oh they have… All of them have left me with the horse and cart and gone to look at these gallows.
OH SHIT! They all disappeared, the ground! it just caved in! I’ve only been with the heroes for 1 day and already I’ve let them die. Quickly Darrick, secure the horses and help the group. After tying up the horses I ran towards the hole when a GIANT 8 LEGGED FREAK climbed out at me, lucky Francis is a great shot and brought it down. I could see down in the hole that there was another giant dead spider. The heroes made quick work of them.
Finally after 2 more days travel we are approaching Ringfield, I’ve heard nice things. On the road down to the entrance there’s these two large boulders on either side. When we passed through they seemed to come alive! Whaaattt?? How!? and why are they attacking US?! The Heroes fought back and the brilliantly talented Stephen Bruner used his magical song to draw me away from harm. Surely they have noticed that the other boulders in the field have also come alive and rolling towards us… no? I quickly jumped on the wagon and shouted out “Look to the East and West, more are coming! Get to the Wagon!”. I think it’s actually north and south but what matters is the heroes heard me and jumped on the cart and I got them out of there. We road towards the town when a strange elf came riding out towards us, shouting something and with his staff held high, the Boulders went back to their dormant selves.
He took us to the town and to go see the Lord Protector. I figured I’d be a good team player and get the horses to the stables and start unloading the wagon. The heroes didn’t even notice I had gone, they’re so focused on saving the day.

From the perspective of Ivelous:
What a strange group of adventurers. Two mutants, a half orc/dwarf, goliath, an assmiar and a human. Although strange they feel familiar, perhaps they remind me of my adventuring days. I took them to see Aloth, if she gives me permission I will cure them of their affliction. No doubt she will want them to look into the water crisis. After their meeting they agreed to meet at the monastery at nightfall. Not sure I trust them yet, but I feel they have a greater purpose.

From the perspective of Dinain Tiansword, the Guard Captain:
Seems like Aloth has found some adventurers to look into the water crisis. Looks like she’s given up on me. Next election I’m a goner. I’ll send Varis with them to make sure they do things by the books and I know he can look after himself if things go wrong.

From the perspective of Telchal, the owner of ‘The Enchanter’s Fate":
Oh good! Customers! It has been a while. Adventuring groups are always looking for goods. Let’s turn on the charm Telchal! They have a cursed black blade, not many customers for that but always good to have one. The loud one seems interested my Canaith Mandolin, Varis has negotiated me down a bit, I can’t resist that elven charm. But wait… What is this! The legendary Roaring Lion Shield of the Highweaver family! Surely they must know this is a one of a kind thing, maybe it has no use to them and that bard does really seem to like the mandolin. I’ll offer the trade, if they accept I can’t wait to rub it into Tanerdhir’s nose.

From the perspective of Conga, the owner of ‘The Golden Scabbard’:
Ah friends! I love customers! They enquired on some of my wares but no purchases. The human seems to be a fellow smithy, he enquired to see if he could work with me. It’s a little too early for that. One of them said their friend might want my ragin’ two-handed great axe.

From the perspective of Mable, the owner of ’Mable’s Remedies’:
It’s not a normal day when a gorgeous 4 legged wolf man walks into your shop. He is carrying around a vial of blood of the fallen and gave me a sample. Nice of him. Didn’t want to see my wares though, although I wanted to see his.

From the perspective of Here Fernshaper, the owner of ’Fernshaper’s Gem’:
Oh great a bloody rude human, at least he brought some more civilised races with him. The assmiar sold me a lovely jade mirror. I may of over paid for it, but I look great in it, can’t wait to put it on my dresser.

From the perspective of Tanerdhir, the owner of ‘Wizards and Wonders Tower’:
So Mable just popped by, couldn’t wait to rub it in that she got her first legendary artefact. Just because Ivelous and I spent years working on ours, she was so jealous and quick to rub it in. Sigh. Oh wells it looks like those adventurers are coming, there’s no way they can afford anything I have for sale now.

From the perspective of Saerodor:
Master Ivelous wants me to cure someone! I get to help! Cure! Me! Can’t wait! Here they come now! He says it’s going to be painful! I can’t wait!


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