Garridan Crowley

"I would explain it to you, were there any chance you would understand."


Physical appearance
Age: 25
How old does he/she appear: Around 30.
Weight: 85kg
Height: 5’10”
Body build: Lean
Eye color: Brown
Skin tone: Pale
Hair color: Dark Brown/Black
Hairstyle: Long, just past the shoulders
Usual fashion of dress: Leathers with lots of pockets and pouches, heavy gloves.
Jewelry or accessories: Toolkits, such as medical kits, alchemy supplies, investigation kits.


Garridan Crowley was born in a travelling troupe of entertainers that called themselves a Fayre. His mother was a mystic and his father was an accountant.
Early life Garridan was encouraged to be a performer, an entertainer, but instead became an academic and preferred life backstage away from the performance. His mother, brother and sister were born to the stage. Acting, Dancing, Performing, Storytelling, Soothsaying, and generally entertaining.
He was instead his father’s son, studious, with a sharp mind and a natural curiosity. He absorbed all the information he could and had a natural interest in Alchemy as noted by the pyrotechnic specialist. Loud Duggan reached out to an old Alchemy tutor who ran a curiosities and potions store, Albert Magnus, who agreed to take him on as an apprentice. The boy surprised Albert, as he took to alchemy like a fish to water, and also tidied up his revenue books. Albert taught Garridan the basics, what he had learned in his first years of college, Albert was surprised at the rate Garridan learned and decided to sponsor him for education at the college.

Garridan was interviewed, despite the minimum age of acceptance being 18, at the age of 16. Impressing a few of the professors he was accepted into the school where he studied the sciences of alchemy and biology, minoring in arcane lore. The course was 7 long years subsidised by working in the college’s workshop where they would build devices like alchemical lamps for sale off premises which would cover tuition. during his college years Garridan beliefs that ritual magic didn’t always require a Wizard or Cleric were confirmed, and he learned enough of the precise motions, movements and rituals that he was able to summon a fey spirit, and gave it the form of a Raven, naming it “Mans’ Laughter” as some sort of terrible play on words. Garridan graduated with honours despite his age.

Newly qualified Garridan decided to backpack for a year or two, before setting up a major research lab, not too long into his journey some panicked members of the church burst into the inn where Garridan was eating dinner with a wounded member of the clergy, Garridan looked up, mentally diagnosed the man with rapid blood loss following a severe case of “being-shot-in-the-neck”-itis and went back to eating. However when one of the patrons pointed at him and accused him of being a doctor his food was swept from the tabletop and replaced with the injured clergyman. Reluctantly Garridan assisted, saving the clergyman’s life although it was a little touch-and-go. The next day men in armour dragged him, despite his protests, into a church camp where he was told about all the delightful aspects of the current plague.

When he informed them he was no doctor, but an alchemist, he was told this would do and pressed into medical service. This arrangement has been his life recently, and he has stayed due to the friends he has made in the medical staff, but his real passion is the pursuit of lofty alchemical dreams… not ensuring some blacksmith can cough in his face whilst he slowly dies, although Garridan did take solace in that he was making the passing as painless for the victim as possible. The men of the church took to calling him Dr. Crow, despite his protests at his lack of a medical doctorate the name stuck.

Garridan Crowley

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