Gritty Realism

Session 33 - Session 34

Magnus began walking to the Fort’s courtyard where he opened a secret door and led the party to the basement they were unaware they had. In the basement was a Sphere of Annihilation which transported the party back in time.

The party found themselves embodied in the previous owners of the keep in the midst of a crisis and were forced to defend themselves and the city from demons. Azrael was still himself, revealing he had been alive in both this time as well as ours.

in the midst of the battle Belial became mad and tried to tempt Azrael to denounce good and follow the fallen, when he declined the party witnessed Belial banish Azrael to the future, and the angel’s motives became clear, he was a fallen angel.

The party were shortly after shunted back through time to present day.


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