Tag: Frampt


  • Rockbelle

    Rockbelle is a town guard based in Frampt. She is the first living citizen of Frampt the party meet. Rockbelle took the party to see the Mayor, [[:heska-bridgewater | Heska Bridgewater]], explaining that no visitors or trade had arrived in Frampt for …

  • Heinz Schiller

    Heinz is an arrogant, elitist, perfectionist snob. He practically owns and runs the village of Frampt.

  • Karl Taunenbaum

    Karl is well manned and runs the Dancing Dragon inn. He is on first name basis with all the regulars and greets newcomers with loud, joyful enthusiasm.

  • Manfred Harwitt

    Manfred was once one of the most respected witch hunters in the region. He tracked down and defeated several fallen cults and demons and uncovered numerous threats to the Kingdom. He now lacks the strength and fortitude to continue as a witch-hunter and …

  • Dirk Moser

    He owns the mill, although he mostly leaves it now to his sons and spends most of his time at the Dancing Dragon Inn. He is extremely jealous and has a great resentment to the Schiller family.

  • Randolph Guervin

    The village blacksmith Randolph is a quiet withdrawn man. Valin met him when he asked for his armour to be repared.

  • Dolph, Lars Hedderlich + wife

    Bodyguard Dolph was close to death when he arrived at Frampt, with two crossbow bolts pierced his chainmail overcoat he has lost control of his carriage. Inside the carriage is merchant Lars Hedderlich and his wife. They told the party they were attacked …

  • Ernst Gottlieb

    Ernst was once the leader of the Reinmann gang The Thunder Takers, also known as the Triple T's. Although most of the members of the TTT's are tieflings Ernst and many of the more powerful members were human. This allowed the TTT's to make advantageous …

  • Utrecht Magnussen

    He was spotted by the old mercenaries who mentioned it to the party. Utrecht was a powerful member of the Triple T's and one of their most used assassins and spy. He disappeared with Ernst Gottlieb two years ago and hasn't been seen since, until now.