Gritty Realism

Session 9

The party investigated rumours and noticed the full moon was closer than usual. Speaking to crazy people and investigating the nobles. Coran also secured the Duke’s support in his claim for his homeland.

Session 8

The party searched for the goblin in the sewers, discovered a dead drunken dwarf, hazards and traps, the remains of the goblin, and a secret cultist temple with a demon guard. The party escaped with their lives and the name of the cultist order “Ordo Septenarius”.

Session 7

The party arrived in Bogenhafen, in time for the annual Schaffenfest. The lawyers for the dead man’s inheritance were fake, and Damien is pretty sure the thing was just a big set up. The party visited the festival, engaging in beer tents, selling some ale, buying some horses, wrestling a strongman and visiting the freakshow. During the freakshow a three legged goblin escaped and the local magistrate requested the party flush it out of the sewers.

Session 6

The party was attacked by wolves, went to dinner at the nobleman’s house and discovered he was a werewolf. His sister was a cultist to the fallen ones and had cursed him. We discovered the cultist’s lair and the werewolf priest and destroyed the sister’s power source and we have her ancient tome. The nobleman thanked us and we headed for Bogenhafen.

Session 5

The party discovered a secluded temple belonging to an ancient order of knights. The keen eyed alchemist noticed a secret trapdoor and the party discovered some suits of armour bearing an ancient crest. The party felt well rested and headed out to Wolf Hall. Before finding the town the party stumble on a fallen cart belonging to a witch hunter and bumped into the Lady of the town, invited for dinner later that day and given accommodations. Arriving in Wolf Hall the party with the knowledge something was off began to notice things were awry and that evening the Innkeeper’s stable lad as murdered by a shadowy beast.

Session 4

The Party travelled, meeting some traders named “Garry and Alistair” and stayed the night in the wanderer’s inn, where they heard rumours of the forest ahead. They travelled along the edge of the forest until a fork in the road. Inside the forest was something frightful, as something tore a wild boar in half for some wolves. The Party instead elected to travel to Ravenholme where they made camp for the night, although they were attacked by a shadow of Ravenholme, they managed to survive the night and made haste for Wolfhall.

Session 3

The Party encountered a woman on the road, being pursued by Zombies. They took her in and treated her wounds. When they reached Rurikshead however they were placed into quarantine as the locals have had zombie issues for a while. That morning the town was overrun from within by Zombies and the guards accused the party, the party fought their way out, discovered the woman who was revealed to be a necromancer, and noted she had stolen a skull from a hidden sarcophagus in the cathedral. The Party left in a hurry.

Session 2

The Party arrived in Lakecoaste, and Shepherd found his old friend Josef the Boatman. The party were attacked by possible cultists with Purple Hand tattoos over their hearts and a bounty hunter named Adolphus Kuftsos. The boatman’s boat was set aflame whilst they slept at The Boatman’s Inn and in the confusion he and some thugs attacked. The thugs were subdued and left with the Boatman, then handed into the local law by the Boatman. The Party then left en route for Bogenhafen.

Session 1
The first stop along the way.

Ragnar brought his Caravan to the Crossroads Inn. The Caravan is currently Ragnar‘s merchant wagon, Garridan Crowley’s wagon, Corran Cousland with his retinue, Damian Smith, Frank Carlson, Jedrique of Ravenwood, John Shepherd and Pete Farrier who were travelling for their own reasons but formed the caravan for safety in numbers. They questioned some fellow travellers at the Inn and discovered they were heading in the same direction as the noblewoman, Lady Isolde Von Strudendorf, with her retinue and carriage, as she was to be married in Lakecoste. Frank Carlson also tried his luck at gambling, but was conned by a talented hustler, Phillipe Descartes, who fled the scene. The next morning the drunken carriagemen finally got going and they began the journey to Lakecoste. They discovered mutants on the road that ambushed another carriage so they swiftly dealt with them and Damien found a corpse that looks just like him carrying a will and noble’s ring. They also discovered Dain Dankil amidst the wreckage of the ambushed carriage. Taking him in they got back on the road and arrived in Lakecoste despite the delay. Ragnar made some trade arrangements and the party settled into Lakecoste for a short while.


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