Gritty Realism

Session 19
Cleansing something evil

…plagued by visions and Nausea, Garridan and Damien manage to work out the tome in the brothers house is related to a cult, possibly of one of the fallen. It contains various rituals many to do with binding and one known as ‘The Convergence’. Thinking they now know what to do the party is ready to try and break the binding circle around the altar and what they suspect is a bound Galeb Guardian. Ivellious first insists they investigate the well at the centre of Ringfield as he believes there may be an item of power or great magic left by Zacharias Leonhardt to help defend the town. No item is found but the waters of the well are revealed to have healing and restorative properties. Taking some of this Holy water the group head down to the cavern. In a tense couple of minutes they break the circle of blood cleansing it with the holy water and everyone freezes as the Galebs fists raise up, only to breath a sigh of relief to as it smashes the Ramshead desecration then rolls off towards the pentagram. The party follow and see the Guardian futilely trying to destroy the pentagram, using more holy water they cleanse the pentagram. Within seconds the alarm bell above the gates begins to toll, rushing up the passage way the party arrives at the gate as it is smashed open by an Ankheg. More anthems burst out the ground around them and several sprays of acid leave several of the group seconds from death. The timely intervention of three Galeb Guardians tips the balance and the party defeat the middle strips creatures that have been destroying the fields. Hailed as saviours Ivellious is awarded a stave by the Galeb Guardian and Damien up observed by all pockets a knife he acquired from the MacNairs.

The party rests for a few days and then heads on towards the next town, their new elf companion Narris in tow. It takes several days to reach Frampt, the town at the base of High Froth Mountain and several hours short of town the group encounter a cloaked old man. He tries to warn the party away as the town has fallen to disease before his hood falls away to reveal a disease riddled corpse with a millipede wrapped round its head buried in the eye socket. The corpse vomits bile and guts on Corran and several more millipedes appear from the roadside, battling a foul stench the creatures are swiftly dispatched and some magical assessment reveals the man had practically every disease known, including demon sickness. The party decides to press on rather than avoiding the town, as if it is a pit of disease it must be prevented from starting a new plague….

Session 18
The start of something ominous

A weeks travel from Lord Drakens manor the party found itself approaching the small walled town of Ringfield, aptly named as it was surrounded by a ring of fields. It did not take long for the locals to seek the party’s help and the Mayor explained that the fields around the town had been suffering some kind of burrowing infestation. The party wasted no time settling in at the Inn ‘The Millers Respite’ renamed from the Miners Respite at some point in the past the wording still showing on the sign. A few questions and a chance meeting with an elf called Narris and the group were soon getting the lay of the land. The town nobles the Bowies had died in the plague leaving the townsfolk largely to themselves. A local legend had it that Zacharia Leonhardt, a companion of Ballador, had cast mighty magic to protect the town and the lack of any diseases or afflictions seemed to attest to this. Of interest to the elf Narris were two relatively new additions to the town the MacNair brothers, supposedly godly folk who provided for the spiritual needs of the town. Narrow believed they were to be suspected in the troubles in the fields. The party decided to investigate the home of the local legend Leonhardt and put off investigating the MacNair brothers without better cause than the suspicions of an unknown elf. Careful diplomacy with the mayor yielded the key to the hero’s house and a thorough investigation showed quick results, several coded diaries that Garridan and Damien quickly decoded to reveal Leonhardt had indeed worked some great magic to protect the town, also mentioned was a Guardian although the details could not be figured out. The sharp eyes of the party easily spotted a switch on the side of the bookcase which opened a tunnel heading down to below the mine entrance. Hot on the investigation the group explored the tunnel and found a cavern with a boulder sat next to an altar, clearly desecrated and surrounded by a binding circle of blood the party believe the Boulder to be the Galeb guardian mentioned in the diaries but don’t disturb it as they have no idea what could happen. Another tunnel leads from the cavern, far newer and suspiciously pointing towards the MacNair brothers house, the party follow the tunnel passing a pentagram with the same rams head and wilted wheat sheaf symbol that had desecrated the alter, five clay figurines sat within the pentagram on a small raised platform. Suspicions raised the party reached the end of the tunnel and a stone trapdoor, with a total lack of caution the party opens the trapdoor and heads into a not too subtly laid ambush from the MacNair brothers, a short sharp fight ensued. With the brothers beaten and proven to be cultists the party hand them over to the mayor and go through their possessions to try and figure out what had been done….

Session 17
The reveal of Ozymandis

The Party found itself in the servant quarters and found a pyramid of bodies of presumably servants and staff. They then went to a room called the Flamingo room, inside were stuffed flamingos and a white grand piano. The piano turned out to be a mimic, Shepard ended up inside the piano’s ‘stomach’ and was ingested, despite the party getting very close to saving him. After defeating the piano, the party found a strange white orb in the master bedroom some coded letters and in the safe, a skull symbol on a top hat and some maps. They found Lord Draken, who attacked the party and Corran brutally murdered him before Garridan brought him back to life. He explained that the blonde man is called Ozymandis and that he was with a women with a skull like hand holding a white orb. The party managed to escape to the grand entrance where they fought the butler who used speed and perfumes to disable the party while trying to slay them. The party defeated him and left the house, Lord Draken and his family headed to the capital promising to help the party when they get to the capital.

Session 16
The Grand Ghoul-Filled Hotel

The party was invited to a dinner at Draken Hall by a polite ghoul dressed like a butler. The party went without a fight and were taken to their own personalised rooms. At dinner they met the mysterious ‘Master’, that they know as Zayas Modin (a blonde man with purple eyes) and his bodyguard (a huge construct of sorts). Before dinner begun they were interrupted by a man dressed in a black cloak with a limp, hiding his left hand under his robes. Some of the party noticed that his left hand was skeletal and holding something white/smokey. The blonde man left in a hurry and the ghouls of the house returned back to their normal mindless selves. The party fought a 4 armed ghoul barman and found a priceless bottle of wine (known as the King’s wine). They then fought a black pudding and managed to save a key before it went down the drain. Pete murdered a zombie in the toilet (as in tradition). The party then found themselves in a library slowly filling with books and attacked by a large monstrous raven, once the raven was defeated it burst into flames causing the books to catch fire too. After quickly figuring out how to solve the lever puzzle the party escaped the room to continue searching the house for Lord Draken or a way to escape.

Session 15
Rise of a Slayer

Some of the party sought shelter from a Blizzard for a long hard week in a cave, whilst the others sought supplies and went missing. The remaining party members burnt precious commodities to survive and stave off hunger. The party then did battle with heavily wounded Goblins led by a Hobgoblin as Dwarves accidentally routed them into the Party. The party followed the Dwarves to a trading outpost that had been pillaged, and pledged to help the Dwarf seek vengeance for his wife and child, also they believed their friends to have been kidnapped by the pillagers. The party discovered an organised warband of Hobgoblins led by a notorious warlord, who escaped. The party dispatched some of his captains however and the Dwarf took the slayer’s oath.

Session 14

The party wandered into the Feywild and Shepherd was lured out onto a frozen lake. They were then ambushedd and some almost drowned. Damien brokered a deal with a fey and saved them, they found the fey’s lost gift, fought of some summer pseudodragons and returned the gift to it’s rightful owner. They were then able to find their way home from the feywild, but Damien has a difficult decision to make.

Session 13
Dude. Where's my werewolf?

Damian went missing as a werewolf. The party tracked him to a mill with a zombie inside, the zombie (post death) looked at the party with purple eyes. The party finds a diary left by the ‘zombie’ inside it mentions a man with blonde hair and purple eyes. The party ended up in ’Ballador’s castle’, a small enforced village where they met Vonda Starag, who turns out to be an ancient and powerful druid. The party then tracked an Oni that had been attacking the town, slayed it and saved Damian + the children the Oni had taken. The Oni had a letter on his person from Zayas Modin.

Upon returning to the town the party are offered Ballador’s warhammer as a thank you for their assistance. Many of the party attempt to lift the hammer but fail to do so. Corran however is able to lift the weapon with ease and takes it has his personal weapon.

Session 12
Torrential Pain

A violent storm assaults the party whilst they are on the road. Seeking shelter at a nearby Tor, the group finds themselves in a mysterious underground ruin. After being attacked by rats, Damien, in his lycanthrope form, charges forward in bloodrage. Set upon by a group of bug bears that have repelled down the tower, Damien quickly turns tail due to his opponents magic weapon that overcomes his usual resistance. The party rally around him and push back the remaining bug bear into a final tomb. Upon entering it is quickly made apparent that the bug bear is a zombie. The party defeat him and explore the rest of the underground chambers as they wait for the weather to pass….


Session 11
Chrimera River

The party are ready to leave town when they are approached by the magistrate asking them to investigate strange attacks on the caravans heading south following the festival. Initially reluctant, the group are swayed by the promise of significant coin. Following the questioninig of Jables, the local bard and self-proclaimed hero, they learn a few clues as to the perpetrator of these attacks – it is clearly a fearsome creature of considerable strength.

A day passes and another caravan is destroyed, however there is a soul survivor. His last words give the party their final clue as to what is behind the attacks. Taking their evidence to the library they quickly deduce the creature is in fact a Chrimera.

Spending the day preparing to ambush and defeat the creature, the party load up a wagon with hidden balistas and find a posioned sacrifice to lure and diminsh the enemy. Supported by Ajax, the local huntsman, they head out and quickly find their prey. The chimera cautiously approaches and it’s three heads begin to devour the sacrifice. Pete takes the opportunity to pounce but accidently drops his potent poison on the ground. A vicous battle commences, however depite the odds the party manage to defeat the monstrous beast, in part due to the actions of Ivellious who has joined them to assist in their cause at the instruction of his god.

The party find the Chimera’s hidden horde, a wealth of treasures and magic items; something is amiss however, as the Chimera has not been in this location for a long period and it is unlikely such treasures would havew been plundered so quickly.

Session 10

Breaking and entering revealed details about the orders demon summoning plot, they took this information to the demon killing duke, who had his spies discover the ritual location. The duke led the charge in the final showdown, in which a crowd of cultists were dispatched, along with the inner circle. The ritual failed and the demon was not unleashed upon Bogenhafen. The party discovered that some of the nobility had sold their souls to fiends for prosperity, and were trying to cheat their way out of the pact, but were instead being cheated into causing more death and chaos.


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