The Destroyer of Worlds



At first sight, a Roc’s silhouette looks much like any other bird of prey. As it descends, however, its unearthly size becomes terrifyingly clear. In flight, a Roc’s wingspan spreads two hundred feet or more. At rest, perched upon the mountain peaks that are its home, this monstrous bird rivals the oldest dragons in size.


The party encountered one when they were in Torcian Park.

The Destroyer of Worlds is a name for the giant Roc given to the creature by the Plains Folk which has a 100 metre wingspan.

One lives in the far north east of the kingdom and can prey on small travelling caravans. There is a section of the mountains that is devoid of life that the Plains Folk expect is where it lives and some of the Giants have corroborated this speculation but due to its huge size and power none of them have ever ventured to engage it, out of equal parts respect and fear.

The Destroyer of Worlds

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