Pedro Difeliee


Pedro wear a mud-splattered, threadbare blue robes, a heavy red cloak and a tall black hat. He normally wears a scarf over his mouth to help conceal his mutations. His eyes are attached to long, slender tentacles that allow them to snake away from his eye sockets and look around corners, behind his back and into his pockets.

He has two tongues that, through a trick of fallen magic allow him to speak two languages at once. Whenever Pedro speaks, his words echo in two languages. He control the relative volume of his two tongues, but can never completely silence one in favour of the other.


Pedro craves power and knowledge. He views the fallen, Frampt and his followers as tools to advance his mastery of magic. He alternates between rampant egotism and pitiable self-doubt, making him liable to make a defiant stand against opponents but quickly turn tail or plead for mercy should his enemies prove formidable.

He survived an encounter with the party after they kept him alive for questioning. He was aiding the party until Valin murdered Jules, seeing that the party was quick to murder the defenceless he quickly disappeared from the ruins fearing for his life.

Pedro Difeliee

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