Manfred Harwitt


Manfred walks with an unsteady, creaky gait. His once powerful frame has been reduced to a shell of its former self, primarily due to years of heavy drinking. Manfred is thin and scrawny but with a protruding beer belly. His face is covered with liver spots and his hair is snow white.


Manfred was once one of the most respected witch hunters in the region. He tracked down and defeated several fallen cults and demons and uncovered numerous threats to the Kingdom.
He now lacks the strength and fortitude to continue as a witch-hunter and consider himself a washed up, ineffectual old fossil (which he was reminded of by Francis).
He mentioned to the party he onced was stationed at a powerful well of light, which was lost to a shadow dragon.
Heinz offered him a position as militia captain and resident expert on heretic and other issues. He had hoped his expertise would be put to use in an active manner but instead he finds himself sitting in the Dancing Dragon Inn drinking himself senseless day after day.

Manfred Harwitt

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