John Shepherd

"There's something shiny in this Piano"


John Shepherd is a hill-man born and bred. He was a boisterous youth, and was always daydreaming of adventures in foreign lands. However, the power of a hill-man’s duty always kept him in his homeland. Named after his profession, he is one of the village shepherds, rearing the sheep for the entire village – like all in the village, an important role in a delicate ecosystem of trust and dependency. For 15 years John has been a shepherd, following in the footsteps of his father who taught him to rear animals and defend the flock using bow and arrow. He is a tall man, though slightly stooped from the many hours in the field. He has dark hair, and a shortly cut beard (the preference of his wife). He dresses in warm clothes with a cloak, and carries both a shepherds crook and longbow (to defend the flock from the wolves).
Throughout his childhood he was friends with Miranda, from a neighbouring family who used to turn the sheep wool into clothes for the village. Another local lad, Padan, was infatuated with Miranda, however his attentions were spurned, and his hatred grew annually, until he became a sullen and brooding young man.
Many a fantasy of adventuring did they conjure together in their youth. At the age of 15 they were wed, and a year later their first born daughter, Anna, was born. For 10 years the village existed in equilibrium, until a dark winters night when the village came under attack.
A band of mercenaries on horseback were seen, slaughtering all the men, and carrying off the woman and young girls. They were led by a man with a knife scar over his eye, bald of hair, and wearing a hooded black cloak with a red eye on the forehead. He has not been seen in the area before. Upon the start of the raid, John took up his bow to defend the village, killing 2 men before being taken down by an arrow. Left for dead, he faded in and out of blackness the next day. His fever-dreams strangely were of a man wearing muddied tattered robes, and incanting words of power. Upon waking the man could not be seen, however the arrow has been removed and he was largely recovered from the wound. The only words he could remember were that “they have gone east, and they were still alive. Search for the man with two hands and 11 fingers.” Searching the rest of the village all the men and old had been slain. Noting the faces of the people he knew, he could not find that of Padan, his childhood rival.
Taking up his bow, John set off east to find his wife and daughter, a burning desire and a conclusion in his heart.

Sadly Shepherd was eaten by a Panic before he ever found his wife and daughter.

John Shepherd

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