The Exile


Jarvok is physically a large dwarf, standing at 5’1" and weighing in at 280 pounds. Dark skinned, dark hair, beard and dark eyes.

He also possesses Orcish features such as tusks, pointy ears and a wide turned up nose.

Jarvok does keep some notes in Dwarvish.


From the Journals of Awlbhars Drakkenkin.

“Jarvok’s birth mother was a Gildenhammer clan Dwarf. She was living in Bogenhafen with her husband until the “Dwarf Tax” forced them to return to Silverbell and the Gildenhammer clanhold. Unfortunately along the way their caravan was attacked by Orcs, Hobgoblins and Beastmen.

She arrived alone, barely clinging to life. Her husband didn’t make it, and as she was nursed back to health her pregnancy was discovered. Hopeful to have a child to remember her late husband she brought Jarvok into this world. However, once she realised Jarvok was not her husband’s Son she left without bestowing her name upon him leaving his clanless and nameless. She took the slayer’s oath and ventured out into the wilds with nothing but her husband’s axe.

Jarvok was raised by Gildenhammer until he was old enough to swing a pick, and he matured early, although we’re not sure if it was out of spite or his Orcish heritage. Due to our similarities I kept an eye on the child, but there is only so much one can do for those without clan.

At first I believe he was hopeful to earn a place in a clan through martial prowess, as he showed that he was more than capable in his lesson, but his hopes were dashed when realisation dawned. He then set his sights on becoming respected through employment as a mine guardian or peacekeeper but despite his skills he was ignored. So he found himself taking his skill with stone into the deepest depths of the mine as a pathfinder, clearing the way for mining teams. This solitary existence took its toll on the boy I believe and he found fortitude in solitude."
~Awlbhars Drakkenkin

Jarvok became adept at survival in the solitary and often harsh environment. Gathering nutrients and small beasts for food. With the aid of a halfling cooking book he had traded a small set of stone dice he had made for, he was able to create a comfortable living in depths most dwarves didn’t dare to delve.

Since then Jarvok has discovered the horrible truth. Silverbells miners are slaves, his entire people sentenced to toil for those above and despite his kin’s inability to accept him, he wishes well for the dwarvern people. Seeing himself as expendable he managed to escape the mines and venture out into the city above. Disgusted by the splendour and extravagant nature of the humans he struck out but quickly realised he was not welcome. Escaping to the wilds he sought to get his footing and challenge the Lord of Silverbell for his people. It is then he encountered the Man-Catchers.

He killed all those who came for him, began to make it into a sport, until one day he was outnumbered too far, and a man-catcher’s axe found Jarvok’s neck. Only his natural toughness kept him alive long enough to slay the man-catcher but his foes took advantage of his weakened state and captured him easily. His last memories are of the Goliath, suggesting they let him live due to his fighting spirit.


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