Guillaume Deschamps


Guillaume is in his late thirties and still vigorous, though he is almost entirely bald. His beard by contrast is long and wild, with twigs and leaves deliberately sticking out of it. He wears the remnants of a green robe, brown leathers and carries a small sickle. He is barefoot.


Guillaume is still an active adventurer. He ventures out where nature may need him to push back the taint of the fallen.

Guillaume taught Damien how to pronounce Lo’a’ha’ka’tash in Auran and advised him to go to a place sacred to air to cleanse the staff.

Guillaume knows a ritual he calls “The Fleshless Made Flesh” which he insists can destroy a demon by binding it to a willing mortal host, then destroying the host. Unfortunately this also kills the host, so it must involve a willing mortal sacrifice.

Guillaume Deschamps

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