Elizabeth Baern


Finely dressed.


Elizabeth is quick to put a commoner that speaks to her back in their place.

Elizabeth adores flattery and tends to be easy to manipulate with compliments. If insulted she will take swift immediate action as well as plan for later revenge.

In her younger days she discovered a fallen cult by a chance encounter in the Queen’s court, she was eavesdropping and overheard plans for a ritual sacrifice. She had a servant follow the maid she overheard and later that evening brought her private guard to the address. Whilst her guard apprehended the cultists she waited by the door, only exiting when she saw Theodora Pferig, who approached along side Elizabeth’s squire, who she had sent to fetch a Witch Hunter.

She exited, wiping her already clean blade and explained to Theodora she had wiped out a cult, Theodora took custody of the survivors and thanked Lady Elizabeth, despite knowing how little the lady was really involved. She insured Lord Frederick rewarded the right folk which infuriated Elizabeth.

Elizabeth’s retelling of the tale has her men all being knocked unconcious, and Elizabeth managing to best a Sorcerer with her sword personally.

Elizabeth Baern

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