Damian Smith

"Don't you trust me?"


Son of a priest from the a tiny village up north (has no-name, village was so small). Father sent Damian on a ‘mission’ to the next town to get some supplies (the journey takes several weeks). Once Damian gets back the town has been wiped out from the plague and there is an aura of necromancy around. Leaving everything behind Damian ventures out to help those in need and to stop this happening again. Damian is extremely bright, kind and makes acquaintances quickly.
He spent a signifcant amount of time in the town of Newmark where he worked extremely well with the town and has paper work to prove he worked with the town hall and church there.

Damian has since been infected by lycanthropy, however since then Damian traded three favours for the lives of the party in a trap set by the Queen of Winter.

David was granted the Mantle of the Winter Knight, this Pact cured him of his lycanthropy but has bound him to the Queen’s service, though he retains free will.

Damien Smith was officially killed by an Assassin, however this was a ruse and Damien Smith has changed his identity to Felix Ormendahl

Damian Smith

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