Awlbhars Drakkenkin


An older, whitebearded Dwarf who has been described as having flecks of Bronze in his eyes, betraying the history behind the blood in his veins being the same as that of the Bronze Dragons.


Awlbhars is a Dwarven Sorcerer who is a member of the Earthen Circle of Dwarvish spellcasters that advise the clan leaders and council. Consisting of Wizards, Sorcerers, Rune-Priests and Clerics.

Awlbhars is a member of Clan Gildenhammer, the same Clan as Jarvok’s mother. He felt a certain kinship with the Dworc as his own bloodline carried draconian powers. He appreciated that the Dworc may have similar strengths but knew his Dwarven kin were less accepting of any deviation from the norm.

Awlbhars Drakkenkin

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