Adolphus Kuftsos

"Dead or alive you're coming with me."


Bounty Hunter, Obsessed


Adolphus Kuftsos was a bounty hunter operating with full license from the Witch Hunters. He was tracking the Purple Hand and in doing so had discovered one Kastor Lieberung. He followed Kastor to Lakecoste not realising that on the road Kastor had died and had mistaken Damian Smith as Kastor due to their resemblance.

The Party were almost accosted by some men with Purple Hand tattoos, however Adolphus killed these men before they were able to make contact, believing they would be in league with Kastor.

Adolphus then hired some local thugs to set fire to Josef’s boat as a distraction, intending on bringing in Kastor and his associates Dead or Alive.

Such was Adolphus’ fervour in bringing in his bounties he could not be stopped short of killing him.

Adolphus Kuftsos

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