Gritty Realism

Session 43 - Session 48

The party fought the demons in Toulouse proper as they invaded the capitol.

Nathan’s party fought a Balor in the palace courtyard, whilst the party searched for the The Rose Queen and the Princess. Finding and engaging Kraziel.

Vivianna was killed in the battle.

The party then set out to chase down a lead to stopping the demon incursions.

When the party found the keep they sought it was heavily warded. As Garridan Crowley attempted to disarm the wards Dain Dankil instead decided to set off the wards, activating two statues which he then attacked. Garridan dragged Dain off the bridge to safety and the statues returned to their homes. The party was then able to deactivate the statues and sneak past, however as they entered the warded area they realised it was an antimagic zone.

The doors locked behind them and arrows began to rain down on them. None of them were able to make it to the keep before succumbing to arrows or falling from the narrow winding corridor to their certain deaths.


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