Step forward adventurer into…

The Kingdom, ancient and powerful, protecting the lands from the Great Forest in the East to the Dragon Sea in the West, as far North as Highgate and down to the banks of the Azure River, ruled by the Rose Queen and her court with the Church of the Faith providing a unified spiritual guidance. Then came the Plague, some believe it was magical in origin, whole towns disappeared overnight, for six months disease and death stalked hand in hand. A year on and the Kingdom has yet to recover, dark things have moved out of the wilds and into lands considered safe, unchecked by the once active knightly orders and Royal Armies which have suffered crippling losses. The dead are restless, cultists revel in the chaos and the Fallen gods play their games with the lives of mortals.

Join us on a Campaign following travelers from the far northern reaches of the Kingdom as they join together on the dangerous road to the capital, each has their own story to tell, and each has a part to play in a greater tale….